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Matrixxneo User
22. Sep 2019, 18:07 Uhr

[spoiler]100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (20/9/2019)
Fixed an issue with the lobby list.

100% Orange Juice - version 2.4.1 now live (20/9/2019)
Lobby List
A significant overhaul to the lobby list view was made.
You can now switch lobby list view based on normal or co-op lobbies. Middle mouse click also cycles between the two lists. This allows for more lobbies to be retrieved during crowded hours.
Hovering over a public lobby now shows the names of the players in that lobby. (Private lobbies don't show the players).
Co-op lobbies show what boss and difficulty it's playing on.
Changed the font of lobby names so it can now display Chinese, Japanese and Korean lobby names by default.
Added partial search for lobby names - note that partial search only works for lobbies that appear on the search list (if there are more than 50 lobbies and the one you're looking for isn't listed, use full name to search).

Made Passionate Research's display refresh when already known hyper cards in deck transform to an alternate version.
Fixed Item Get avatar voice not playing when buying something from the shop without re-selecting an avatar.
Fixed issues with user names having extra spaces when using the in-game name changer. Also removes extra spaces for those that already changed their names with it.

Fixed bosses losing stars when a minion lands in range of a player with Special Stage stocked.
Added random filter for co-op for normal and extreme difficulties.

100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix live (10/9/2019)
Fixed missing accessories for Tomomo (Casual).
Fixes missing icons for red/brown Antlers.

Unversioned hotfix live (9/9/2019)
Added missing rename button graphic.

100% Orange Juice version 2.4 ~Poppo the Snatcher~ now live (9/9/2019)
Added game tutorial which replaces the previous Guide button function.
Added the name change option to player info screen (costs 5000 stars per change).
Allowed Peat's nutcracker costume to work with Xmas outfit.
Added pet and homestop randomization when choosing a random character.
Lowered the requirement for Total Rampage achivement from 5 to 3 [redacted].

Fixed cosmetic issue with school outfit Marc and some accessories
Made hair button disabled for characters that don't have any hair options.

[h1[100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix now live (21/8/2019)[/h1]
Fixed Star Blasting Fuse and Melting Memories not increasing Cuties' Events Crashed count.
Fixed issue with pet shadows appearing before entering the main menu.
Fixed missing bonus unlocks for summer event.
Fixed issues with field selection in co-op.
Fixed display for player info card effects when there are more than 5 (supports 8 now).
Fixed an error that was making Big the Jonathan finish the rest of his flying animations when KO'd during Double Rush or Mega Rush.
Added missing HP value to Big the Jonathan's hyper difficulty unit card.
Fixed Big the Jonathan being able to trigger Hunt multiple times in a single turn when landing on move or warp-move panels.
Updated CPU A.I. to actually avoid marked Launch panels.
Fixed Hunt targeting the wrong players.
Fixed incorrectly ordered defines making Ocean Dive appear as Lagoon Flight CO.
Fixed missing Win/Lose screen for Summer Beast.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix now live (15/8/2019)
Fixed graphic issues with new pets.
Fixed Quake's movement debuff not being applied correctly to players.
Fixed not being able to use some Co-op skills on teammates that had Special Stage or Stealth On! stocked.
Fixed marked Launch panels not having their highlight removed after Dive is used.

100% Orange Juice - Version 2.3 now live (14/8/2019)
Arcade has been updated with a new look.
Summer Pet Machine added to the Arcade with summer-themed pets.
Vending machine can now be found in the Arcade, allows purchasing consumable items for 20 oranges.
A total of 15 new pets added to the Pet Catcher and Summer Pet Catcher. Common and Uncommon items pools are shared between the machines.
A one-time bonus of 15 Arcade Tokens is given to all players upon logging in for checking out the new pet catcher.
Pet Exchange has been upgraded with a cool new animation.
Added new challenges for playing specific card types + dealing/healing damage.
A new panel type, Damage Panel, has been added to the game (deals 1 damage to players who stop on it).
Fixed CPUs considering the original panel type instead of the current panel type when choosing where to move.
Adjusted some CPU panel preferences.
Made CPUs favor landing on boss panels if the boss is on low HP.
Fixed Slime pet lacking some visual flair it was supposed to have.
Fixed Special Stage effect preview not being removed on KO.

Big the Jonathan is now back in the Beach Party event rerun (with a reduced global goal), and will remain as a permanent co-op boss.
Fixed Nico being able to use Banned for Life in co-op with it activating its effects.
Fixed being able to target players with Stealth On! or Special Stage stocked with boost cards in Co-op.
Dealer role can now be unlocked by reaching level 10 as Supporter[/spoiler]

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