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21. Oct 2019, 14:07 Uhr

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Update v1.4.0:
* The Time Machine will allow players to revisit old boss fights completed during normal gameplay. By revisiting boss battles and achieving better results, players can unlock in-game movies and music tracks for the Cinema and Gramophone.
* The Cinema will allow players to re-watch their favorite cutscenes from the game. Cutscenes are unlocked through normal gameplay, by beating boss challenges in The Time Machine or by picking up a Bad RAM item from the game.
* The Gramaphone lets players listen to musical tracks featured in the game. Tracks are unlocked through normal gameplay or by revisiting boss battles in The Time Machine.
* Improvements to game frame rate which should eliminate the juddery motion noticed by some players.
* Lots of other minor graphical and gameplay tweaks.

Update v1.3.1:
* Fixes for music tracks playing over the top of some cut scenes towards the end of the game, making the cut scene audio hard to hear.
* Fix for the game not restarting the Air Boss if player starts the battle, then quits to the title screen. On resuming save game Air Boss will now spawn correctly.
* Fix for the game getting stuck in an infinite loop of the robot falling into space if trying to play the burning house section with a shield orb. Save games affected by this bug should work correctly on this new version.
* Fixed a problem with the Egyptian boss which caused it to sometimes stop spawning rocks for the player to throw back.
* Changed the way that the battery unit slots into its receiver in Robot Lab Backup Generator as some players are reporting issues with it locking into place.
* Modified the helicopter boss battle collision detection as some players were reporting difficulties in destroying it.

Update v1.3:
* Improvements to Repo Yard rooms to make it easier for player to jump using the Shoes.
* Fixed bug when entering the tunnel in Mainton resulted in the player being stuck on a black screen and unable to progress.
* Made the receiver for the experimental battery in the Robot Labs grab the battery more quickly.
* Fix for the player sometimes falling off the ends of conveyor belts if running fast around them.
* Fix for softlock bug in Robot Labs Elevator. Player should no longer be able to enter the area behind the sparks until they have the correct ability to do so. Also added a fix so that if the player has managed to get stuck on the wrong side of the sparks they will be teleported to a valid position on reloading their save game.
* Fix for player getting stuck falling forever if they resume a save game battling the Security Robot in the TV Studio.
* Sound levels have been adjusted across the game so that music, sound effects and cut scene volumes should now be more evenly balanced.
* It is now possible to abort the Rhythm King arcade game.
* On resuming a save game, if the player has any shield orbs they will initially be activated. Shields can be toggled on and off using the Y button.
* Several boss encounters have been adjusted to include extra restart points or have slightly modified attack patterns to help rebalance some of the more frustrating difficulty peaks noticed by the developers whilst watching other people playing the game.
* Additional shield pickups have been added in some rooms to provide help to the player (if wanted!) on some of the trickier platforming sections.
* Fix the the parcel stamping job sometimes getting unsynchronised and causing progress banners to appear at incorrect times.
* Fix for game freezing on a black screen when loading a saved game from one of the flying dream sequences.
* Support for additional buttons input on some joypads (e.g. PS4) when using the redefine joypad inputs menu.
* There are now some switches in East Gallery Ground Floor which allow the player to turn off the lasers temporarily so they can pass through the room from left to right, which can be useful after beating some of the mansion bosses.
* Lots of other little tweaks and fixes to minor gameplay and graphical issues that have been reported.

Update v1.2:
- Improved support for other screen resolutions and monitor refresh rates. If you are still experiencing screen resolution problems with this build then please try holding SHIFT whilst launching the game. This will provide a dialog box with available screen resolutions and the ability to run the game full screen or in windowed mode.
- Frame rate related fixes. Some people with faster PC configurations may have experienced issues with the player robot not behaving correctly in some rooms (e.g. the battery placing room). These should now be fixed.
- Some minor graphics fixes in some parts of the game.


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