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Matrixxneo User
11. Nov 2019, 17:02 Uhr

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Update v8.7:
Patch Notes
Omenak (New Map)
Campaign Rewards - Soul Dissolver, The Goblin Wrench and new Palantir accessory set.
Survival Rewards - Forge Bot, Battle Droid, and new mini flying mech pet.

Infested Ruins (New Map)
Campaign Rewards - Honey Staff, Honey Spear, Honey Gun, and the Honey Sword.
Survival Rewards - Serpent, a new wasp themed pet, and a new mini wasp queen pet.

Magus Citadel (New Map)
Campaign Rewards - Arch Mage's Blade Staff, Ace of Spades, and a Jeweled sword.
Survival Rewards - Random Animus, Harpoon Pet and Deadly Striker Pet.

WinterMire (New Map)
Campaign Rewards - Candy Cane, Winter's flame, Ice's ban hammer, and coal.
Survival Rewards - Snowman pet, Christmas Elephant, and Turkey on a Treadmill.

Tomb of Etheria (New Map)
Campaign Rewards - Sand Blade, Scarab Bow, New Kingdom Spear, Serpent Staff, Egyptian themed accessory, and a mummy pet.

Spring Valley Escort Challenge (New Map)
Campaign Rewards - Chicken Baller, Egganator, Bunny squire skin (Insane/Nightmare completion) and Free Range Eggs.
Tavern Reward - 10 Eggs from Spring Valley turn into a Free Range Mega Chicken.

True Boss Rush Challenge (New Challenge)
Reward - Experience orb to level a char up to 100 when used in specific spot in the basement. (The orb is not tradeable or droppable)

Magus Citadel
Campaign Rewards - Arch Mage's Blade Staff, Magic accessory set, Ace of Spades, and a Jeweled sword.
Survival Rewards - Random Animus, Harpoon Pet, and Deadly Striker Pet.

Pirate Invasion
Challenge Rewards - Added Buccaneer's pirate hat & pirate accessory set bonus.

Lowered quality drops of CD Dragon and Spider pets on Insane difficulty.
Crystalline dragon attacks 20% faster.
Adjusted Harbingers on Coastal Bazaar so they do not get stuck.
Removed Ember shield from Random accessory drop pool on Flames of Rebirth challenge.
Survival Rebalance - Emerald, CR2 and CR3 difficulty decreased.
Survival Rebalance - Coastal difficulty increased.
Squire ability circular slice will now always hit 2x instead of intermittently.

Quality of Live
Changed the \ to / in the inventory!
Gold enemies now show on minimap.
New achievements and tavern trophies.
Expanded item box space for the Eternal Defender achievement.
Shift-click to upgrade armor now stops at levels ending in 9 to make it easier to upgrade without missing resists.
Tavern - Moved some trophies upstairs to create more rooms for items downstairs.
Tavern - Updated cosmetics on second floor.
Added Item Quality outline filter option to options menu.
Added item recovery to Sky City and Kings Game for items that fall off the map.

Bug Fixes
Swapped Random Rewards and Ember rewards to address timing issue.
Fixed issue with snowball projectile.

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11. Nov 2019, 16:24 Uhr
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