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11. Nov 2019, 22:58 Uhr

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Update v1.020.1:
no changelog was posted.

Update v1.020:
When loading the Game Two-Handed weapons would get Unequipped.
Replicate, Chain, Double, Triple & Quad bonuses were miscalculated (in the Card Text display) once boosted with Perks or after the Card had gained a level
Fixed a visual issue with the Card Text generator & removed any wrongly inserted double white-spaces.
The following Typo's Corrections may cause minor inconveniences in your Savefiles or Mods. If you are using any of the renamed cards as Skills in a Custom mod, a warning will appear next time you load the game that the 'x' card or perk doesn't exist. If this happens open the mod & Rename the Skill references to 'x' or contact the mod creator ;)
Fixed a Typo in the Spirit Animal (Rabit) => Spirit Animal (Rabbit)
Knight Errand => Knight Errant (Affected Cards: Knight Errant, Quest for Glory & Knighthood)
Nymph's 'Ready your Bow' Choices was properly renamed to 'Shoot...' instead of 'Shot...'

Deck Presets
You can now save and load instantly saved Deck Presets, making switching your deck on the fly even faster.
Deck Presets are associated with the Progress savefile, so that each character can have any number of their own Deck Presets
Deck Presets containing cards the PC no longer owns will partially load. Any missing cards won't be added to the player's deck list.
You can quickly access the Deck Presets UI using the Hotkey 'F6'
When you Load a Deck Preset your hand cards are discarded, your current deck is emptied and the new deck is loaded. You don't draw any cards.

Character Sheet Filters
You can filter the various Card Sections and show/hide any combination of Actions, Summoning Cards, Trinkets, Consumable or Commodities.
i.e In the Deck Builder turn off showing Commodities, Trinket & Consumables. Or in your Stash turn off showing Actions & Commodities.
You can fiter the Equipment section and show/hide any combination of Weapons, Offhands, Armors & Accessories
i.e You can turn off showing everything except Accessories, to better take a look in them.

Advanced Filter
Along with the basic filters, there is also an advanced Filter where you can type & hit enter to search for specific cards that match (contains) the Keyword, Card Name or Discipline you typed (within the selected View).
You can click the Advanced Filter icon (first filter) to show/hide its query field or press the 'F' key if its query field is hidden to show it.
ie. searching in your Deck for a 'Treasure Card' that's in your Stash won't yield any results. But searching in your Stash would. Similarly Deck Builder won't show you Locked Skills that have the selected Keyword etc.
i.e searching for Bewitch [will show only cards that have references to Bewitch (i.e Bewitched)], or Healing [will show only cards related to Healing]
i.e searching for Death Knight [assuming you have any such cards, will show you them and any cards that have this in their name or description]
i.e Intimidate [will show you the card named 'Intimidate' if you own it and its somewhere within your current 'View' and any other cards that are associated with it perhaps because they Blood Tribute it or Spell craft it?]
You can type 'done' to reactivate all filters and show again all the cards of the current 'View'
Advanced filter can also check how *base* values of certain effects compare with a value x. (Base values don't include any bonuses or perks, is based solely on the card definition so this is a functionality (mostly) intended for modders). The exact or partial effect will be match but needs to be Case sensitive.
Syntax is [Effect]<=x or [Effect>=x] or [Effect=x] (no spaces) i.e ExpendBuffJudgement<=3 will show you cards that their base ExpendBuffJudgement is <=3 while ExpendBuffJudgement>=3 will show you cards with base ExpendBuffJudgement >=3. etc. While Judgement<=3 would show both cards that boost, expend or have a conditional check that involves Judgement etc. as long as the base value is less equal to 3. [And that because it will match CustomBuffJudgement, ExpendBuffJudgement, OnCasterStatusJudgement and basically every composite effect you can imagine that has the 'Judgement' word in it]
However players can still benefit by this feature too. Querying for Action (AP Cost), Tier & Evolved (Card Level) may prove useful in many cases. i.e Tier>=3 will show Cards that have Tier >= 3 & Actions<=1 will show Cards with AP cost <= 1. Evolved=2 will show cards that have exactly two upgrades. etc.
You can use && to search for result containing [Effect AND Effect] or [Effect AND Discipline]
ie Vulnerable&&Fury will show cards with both Vulnerable and Fury
i.e Vulnerable&&Vampire will show only Vampire Cards with Vulnerable. (The order in this case matters: Effect first then Discipline. For example Vampire&&Vulnerable query won't yield any results. As 'Vampire' is not an Effect & there is no Discipline 'Vulnerable')
You can't combine modifiers this way. For example Vulnerable=3&&Damage>=4 won't work.

Player's Handbook Search field
All of the Advanced Filter functionality can be used to search through the entire Card Database (Vanilla Cards & Mods) in the Player's Handbook
i.e Unique&&Vampire will show all the Unique Vampire cards
i.e Hideouts will show all the Hideouts
i.e Echo>=2 will show all the Cards with base Echo value >= 2
i.e Tier=6 will show all the Tier 6 cards

Perks Search field
You can search through your Character's Perks & display only those that their name or description contains the keyword you typed.
While a filter is active, the Search box placeholder text will change to the active filter as a reminder.
ie. typing Charisma, will show all perks that affect Charisma
ie. typing Focus, will show all perks that affect the Focus effect etc.
ie. typing Slashing, will show all perks that affect Slashing Damage or Resistance etc.
You can click on any of the buttons Show All, Racial Perks or Class Perks to cancel this filter, or search for something else.
Perks search doesn't support the Advanced Filter Modifiers

Misc QoL Additions
Whenever the Player's health drops below 40% a reminder that they need healing will appear above their portraits
Added 2 Additional Slots for Saving Character progress
Manage & Empty Decks buttons are now toggles (you can click on them to open/hide)
Opening your Character Sheet in Draft & Constructed will use the 'Deck Builder' as the Default view

Modding Additions

New Action Keyword: Discovery
Discovery[Perkname]:1, Player Permanently gets the [Perkname] Perk
i.e DiscoveryRealistic Illusions:1 will grant to the Player the Perk Realistic Illusions if they don't have it already
Once the Player uses the Discovery Card & Claim the Perk (or if the player already has this Perk) the Discovery effect is removed from future instances of this card, but all other effects remain intact.

New Game Mode Properties
"AdventureModeDynamicRewards":false or true, "AdventureModeDynamicEnemyLevels":false or true & "AdventureModeDynamicAreaLength":false or true
These three options can be used separately, or together (recommended). If true, each time you start, restart or resume the Adventure mode, all in-game Areas will slightly change their Encounter levels, stage Lengths and offer each time a randomly generated set of Rewards from all the Cards in your Collection (Vanilla+Mods)
"ConstructedMode":false or true, Upon starting the game you lose your Starting Deck & Skills
You open 3x Card packs containing up to 60 Cards (40 Archetype Cards & 20 non-Archetype Cards (36 Tier 1, 18 Tier 2 & 6 Tier 3))
Excess Cards (Cards opened but you can't get i.e already have max copies, too many or duplicate equipment/consumables etc.) are converted to Farthings at a Rate of 25/Card not Received
non-Archetype Cards include Cards from all the Cards in your Collection (Vanilla+Mods)
Before start playing you need to Construct a valid Deck of at least 18 Cards among the Cards you opened.
The Adventure mode doesn't include any of these changes. Instead there is a New Adventure Mode variant 'Drifter', that uses all the new Game Mode properties listed above. So play which ever you prefer or make a custom one.

Game Mode Editor Additions/Changes
This changes have no impact in your current game modes
'Choose Stage Length' category renamed to 'Gaunlet, Draft, Endless or Adventure?'
Added 3 Adventure variant choices: (Persistent) Adventure Mode (Persistent Rewards), (Dynamic) Adventure Mode (Dynamic Rewards) which activates AdventureModeDynamicRewards, AdventureModeDynamicEnemyLevels & AdventureModeDynamicAreaLength & (Constructed+Dynamic) Adventure Mode, which activates all new Game Mode options.

Modder Shell Addition: LexLootor tool
(new) Tool 'LexLootor [Tier]', quickly generates random reward strings for your custom areas in (persistent) Adventure modes or as a fallback if the player decides to play your Areas addon mod in a persistent world.
i.e LexLootor 3, will generate a reward string with 18 cards of Tiers 3 & 2 & the card preview window will open to inspect them. You can then copy-paste it into your Area rewards or re-roll by repeating the command.

New Event Rewards/Requirements
(New) Event/Tale Requirements
Tokens:x, returns true if the Player's Tokens are >= x
(New) Event/Tale Rewards:
TacticalRetreat:Map, (Usable only in Adventure Mode) Abandon Exploration and return back to the World Map

LootOne can now fetch random Commodities
Commodities can be looted with LootOne effects using LootOne:Commodity#Commodity in events & LootOneCommodity#Commodity:1 in Actions. You can't use PickFromCommodities for the simple reason that all are Excluded from Random Loot (except when invoked with the technique above).
In Adventure mode, the Commodities loot table is 'rigged' and contains each Area Export twice, while there is a 50% chance for an Import to even show up there.


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