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8. Dez 2019, 14:35 Uhr

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Update v1.013: Menacing Messages From The Machine
Make Major Data Center exos a bit less frequent
Thanks to Peter Ebbesen for the suggestion.
When you have marked intel entries as high priority or low priority, it now shows H1, H2, etc, on the left for however many high priority objectives are at a planet on the galaxy map. For all the low-priority ones, it shows L1, L2, etc.
Potentially the formatting could use some work in the future, but for now this really seems to get the job done in terms of making the importance of the intel items translate onto the galaxy map and not just on the intel sidebar.
Thanks to donblas for suggesting.
A new "skip_adding_to_seed_lists" tag has been added to fleet designs, which lets us keep them around for existing savegames but prevent them from showing up in the lobby or in seeding in new galaxies.
This has now been applied to the "Bomber Fleet" starting fleet for players, as that was supremely overpowered and let some players cheese things on the highest difficulty levels.
Thanks to Ryulong for inspiring this change, and Badger and Puffin for figuring out the actual conundrum here.
The planet Murdoch will still appear in all games as an Easter Egg, but it is no longer your default starting planet
Badger prefers some variety, and a number of people have been making muttered complaints about this for a while
Fix a bug where we were showing the wrong colour for tech level upgrades.
Thanks to KDR_11k for reporting
Exiting and reopening the load game menu will now abort any selecting game to delete state, to prevent accidental deletes.
Thanks to StarKeep for reporting and donblas for fixing.
On battlestation fleet leaders, it had a duplicated-feeling "battlestation" bit of text in the tooltip, which just felt off. That's been removed.
Setting the border colors for sub-factions of the AI (warden, hunter, and praetorian guard) now actually works properly.
Thanks to Badger for figuring out what the problem was. Thanks to Zoreiss, Ryulong, and NB_FlankStrike for reporting.
Fixed a super-longstanding bug where if you were hovering over an item in a dropdown list and getting a tooltip for it, then closing the dropdown would sometimes leave that item "stuck" on. Now it detects this case and auto-fixes itself before you can really notice it.
Thanks to lots of people reporting the stuck tooltips that could happen in the factions tab in particular. Including but not limited to Ovalcircle (most recent repro), AnnoyingOrange, ParadoxSong, vinco, and donblas.
Showing the debug info for ship types now shows the fleet category on them of what fleet they're in.
On load of a savegame, the game now detects player ships that are in the "loose" fleet (which is bad), and tries to correct them.
At the moment it can only correct ships that should be part of the planetary fleet.
Fixed metal harvesters to properly have a fleet membership of planetary so that they can take advantage of this auto-correction.
Added a new is_scrapping_by_player_to_turn_unclaimed xml tag that, when turned to true, lets you override something that is non-scrappable and have it be killed.
At the moment this lets us scrap metal harvesters but keeps them from just disappearing completely, and thus lets us test for them going into the unconnected fleet improperly.
When ships are claimed, if they are not a flagship they are now properly added to the planetary command fleet at the local planet.
This lets things like metal harvesters properly be added back into the planet's fleet (and thus get related upgrades, if any) after being destroyed.
There's a mild chance that this might have some strange secondary consequences on some ship that SHOULD have been in the "loose player fleet," but I can't think of any specific examples. All those sorts of things are typically flagships with their own fleet and use a different code path. Worst case is that they'll appear as a member of that planet's fleet and get bonuses from it if there are science upgrades at that planet.
Thanks to Flypaste for reporting.
When the onload process can't fix whatever ships that are in PlayerLoose for some reason, it now also gives a list of which ships those are.
Any ships that did not have fleet_membership="Planetary", but ARE immobile now automatically get set to be a membership of planetary unless they are also a fleet leader (aka things like the AI Overlord Phase 1).
This makes it so that capturing such buildings puts them into the fleet of the planet and not the "player loose fleet," and also allows for them to be properly re-linked if need be from the onload fixing process.
This is affecting things like IGCs, MDCs, and so on. It remains to be seen if things of this sort will still properly come back to the planet fleet without a savegame load if they die to remains and then get recaptured (for anything of this sort where that's even a possibility), but fingers crossed.
Thanks to deo for the report that let us find this one.
Also with some of these changes, it's possible that things that were turrets for a specific battlestation or citadel might incorrectly go to the planet fleet after they get shot up and rebuild. Please let us know with a savegame repro if you find that happening.
Audio And Journal Work
The audio setting "Music: Play Tracks from AI War Classic" now defaults to on instead of off.
While it's nice to hear the new music from the sequel, there's four and a half hours of music that was gated-off in here that made things repetitive at times without it on.
A lot of people weren't even aware this setting existed, so thought there was far less music than there was (1 hour rather than 5.5 hours, roughly).
Added a new audio setting: "Allow Funny Voice Clips" (defaults to off)
Humor is subjective, and for some folks can even be a mood-killer in a game like this about galactic stakes. Some of the AI voice taunts err on the possibly-mood-breaking side, and those are disabled by default. If you're in a lighter mood and would like to have those included, feel free to turn this on.
When AI taunts play, they now also drop a chat-style message for you to see them.
If you have voices turned off, then these won't show up at all. If you have just turned the volume way down on the voice channel or AI taunts channel, then you WILL still see these.
It is colorized and identifies itself as either being from the overlord, hunter, or warden as the case requires.
We had been planning on this, but thanks to a lot of people for requesting it, including Apthorpe, Asteroid, Thotimx, and Orelius.
Added a new JournalMessages object on the world, which lets us store a history of messages from chat, AI taunts, and other sources. It can also be used to store story-specific things in campaigns.
To save space, it will only save the 50 most recent entries in the journal when you save your game. BUT it first discards normal-priority stuff, then keep-longer stuff if it has to, and then there's always-keep stuff that it will never remove no matter what and so can make it store more than 50. That last category is good for campaign-specific instructions, hopefully of which we won't be having too many things.
These are temporarily just shown at the bottom of the escape menu, but later will be in their own interface that you can get to via the bottom left corner of the screen.
Fixed an issue where a variety of AI taunts were imported as ambisonic, and thus threw a harmless warning when we tried to play them back in a standard fashion.
171 new Chief of Staff voice lines (51 categories) have been integrated into the game files, although they're not being triggered yet.
This is in addition to the 89 lines (14 categories) that were previously in the game from this actress, Alicia Harris.
A lot of these have to do with alerts for situations relating to the various factions, or other specialized situations that had no voice prompt previously.
New voice lines that are actually wired up to trigger:
Fleet Naming
You now select name lists for fleets just like planets (Added by donblas)
You can add custom name lists of your own as well!
* Create a new folder in GameData\Configuration\FleetNames in the AI War directory
* Add a file with preferrably at least 50 entries, one on each line.
* Edit AIWar2\GameData\Configuration\FleetNameType\CMP_FleetNameTypes.xml and add an entry for your new pack
* Consider opening a bug (http://www.arcengames.com/mantisbt/) with your list if you want to share


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