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Matrixxneo User
14. Dez 2019, 08:31 Uhr

[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]
Update v20191213:
graphics tweaks on Brewery location
graphics tweaks on Warehouse location
unlootable container on Church fixed
no sounds during scavenging and looting containers on Church fixed
problem with proper unlocking graffiti fixed
tweaks with “New” frames on scenario’s polaroids
lack of sound after visiting Brothel fixed
disappearing guitar after playing on it with a drunken dweller fixed
snow falls one day earlier than winter starts and disappears one day later than it should - fixed
invalid places to build blocked in museum shelter fixed
bug with appearing bandage on dweller’s hand during eating fixed
lack of sniper’s shots sounds on Sniper Junction fixed
Dwellers are getting sick despite the high temperature in shelter - fixed
graphics tweaks in retrospections
bugs with Colonel’s behavior on Armybase at Stories 3 - fixed
helping woman on Brewery counts not properly (as not helping) - fixed
double opposing info in dweller’s bio after visiting Brewery and Bakery - fixed
Decrepit Squat can’t be looted at 100% if we kill a homeless guy - fixed
Missing items stored at one container on locations - fixed
No possibility to place a swing in the Radiostation shelter - fixed
NPC from the Decrepit Squat doesn't give us reward after we give him food - fixed
Hospital - giving a food donation to the doctor doesn't improve the morale - fixed
added information about our items during shelter change in Stories 3
NPC killed by NPC still has a visible health bar - fixed
Radiostation shelter was not adapted to the children - fixed
Duplicate Pita’s photo in case of his death - fixed
rare issues with saved games - fixed
Lack of the shoot sounds in the Military Outpost - fixed
Ability to loot the shed during the retrospection - fixed
Visible UI during the retrospection - fixed
Information that Anja starts feeling better even if she wasn't sick - fixed
Moving other dwellers when Anja talks with the Milena in her office - fixed
Broadcasting UI fixes
Central Square - NPCs tell us to leave the building but we can't because doors are locked - fixed
Possibility to mark two notes at HQ in Stories 3 - fixed
No fire in working heater after night - fixed
Camera is moving to the collapsed shed and then to Anja but chosen dweller is Ruben in Stories 3 - fixed
Pita’s and Zoran’s bodies do not have descriptions - fixed
Camera’s fixes
Added missing translations

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13. Dez 2019, 15:36 Uhr
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