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Matrixxneo User
18. Jan 2020, 19:49 Uhr

[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]
Update v2.1.1.0:
Updated the maxplayers to be forced at 8 players on all modes except hunted (which supports 16 players)
Updated Server connection retrieve netpackets, to check for lobby servers
Updated Server connection, to use Steam's own networking protocols instead of normal IPv4 (will fallback to it if it fails)
Updated Host_Error to only show "recursive error" if host_error_recursive is set to 1
Fixed "connect" not showing the loading screen when executed
Fixed where the game crashed instead of saying "Missing map"
Fixed "developer" being an invalid command

Added Lobby System (Find & Create lobbies)
Added where the flashlight state is saved on the guns, if they have a flashlight (resets on weapon drop)
Added the missing "TargetID", when looking at fellow survivors (Shows name and health)
Added the melee weapons banjo and guitar
Added indications on the phone for teammates and Survivor/Turret AI locations on Flatline
Added where you get increased money gain on higher difficulties on Flatline
Added where the spectators can view everyone's health trough TargetID
Updated the 3 new Escape achievements to allow solo play (removed 4 player criteria)
Updated Survivor AI to only target enemies within their view cone, instead of doing 180° headshots
Updated built barricades, so they can be picked up by the owner of the board
Updated Flatline to only regenerate health after shop ends on Easy Mode
Updated Flatline to only give melee weapons on hard and Extreme. (Gives sig and melee on Easy and Normal)
Updated Flatline to show the current amount of money on the HUD when the shop opens up
Updated Flatline shop prices for all guns & special items
Updated Flatline scoreboard to show "MONEY" instead of "Zombies: 0 Riots: 0"
Fixed a bug where if the player tried to buy an item, and the shop ended, it tries to buy an item again when going close to an shop_item entity
Fixed Flatline printing the HUD info for all players, when it should be only pointed to the player who is trying to buy the item.
Fixed the ammo pickup sound not playing
Fixed achievements being broken
Fixed ammo pickup sound not playing
Fixed where you get penalty for destroying already built barricades (not built by players) on Flatline
Fixed where if you sprint and tap (+USE), it will break the buy timer
Fixed "use" animation not playing when pressing on "prop_button"
Fixed info_safezone not reading all survivors
Fixed where the buy display would bug out when trying to buy something and looking away at the same time
Fixed where the ESC key did not register when on loading screen
Fixed where the Turret AI had a vendetta against cockroaches
Fixed an exploit on barricades, where you can farm money (Flatline)
Fixed melee weapons having inconsistent damage output against Infected

Added cf_stonecreek
Updated the nav mesh on Unionstation (Flatline)
Updated Montclair and Barlowe weapon scripts
Updated Harvest (Flatline), added purchasable turrets, and round saver
Fixed Hunted version of Harvest not spawning players correctly
Fixed Montclair (second part), where the zombie players didn't spawn near the gas station, and zombie AI not spawning at the correct areas
Fixed Barlowe (first part), where the bank portion was way too hard, and has been tuned down a bit to be more fair
Fixed an exploit on Pioneer Express (Hunted)
Fixed an exploit on Harvest (Flatline)
Fixed the nav on Harvest (Flatline)
Fixed an exploit on Union Station (Flatline & Hunted)

Added sourcefiles (SMD and QC) for compiling the weapons and survivors
Note, I highly recommend using Crowbar, by ZeqMacaw, when compiling for Contagion


18. Jan 2020, 17:18 Uhr
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