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Matrixxneo User
7. Feb 2020, 17:20 Uhr

[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]
Update v2.1.2.0:
Added "maxplayers_override" to override the maxplayers limit. This will however warn players when they try to join the server

Updated ServerBrowser.dll to show Game Version, instead of "Game", and removed Game Filter

Updated Steam Workshop to use UGC format instead of Legacy content

Fixed "status" showing incorrect steamid's

Fixed "[S_API WARN] Calling ISteamGameServer::SetDedicatedServer after CM connection already initiated." spam

Updated the Contagion Workshop tool to use the latest SteamAPI calls and use SteamUGC instead of SteamStorage for publishing to Steam Workshop.
Updated contagion.fgd
Added new achievements

Added "Drop Return Position" for key objective items (keys, keycard, boltcutter, gasmask) to prevent griefing

Added "Mystery Box" and "Trap" shop items for Flatline

Added Banjo sound events

Added trap_fire and trap_fence for flatline

Added weapon_glowstick

Added weapon_inoculator

Added difficulty convar cg_flatline_money_bonus

Added difficulty convar cg_flatline_money_penalty

Added convar cg_safezone_endtimer_on_reach (Default: 0)

Added convar cg_safezone_endtimer (Default: 120)

Added convar cg_safezone_ignore_latejoiners (Default: 0)

Added convar cont_toggle_hud_drawtime (Default: 2.5)

Added new optional difficulty "Nightmare"

Added where infected zombies can grapple survivors (Hard and higher difficulty)

Added 2 new zombies types "Zombie Doctor" and "Zombie Looter"

Updated Flatline to delete dropped weapons after 60 seconds

Updated Survivors on Extraction, to have ammo capacity (they only have 10 extra clips, reads the max size cap of the current weapon)

Updated Turret AI to have ammo capacity (default: 500)

Updated TargetID to show turret ammo capacity

Updated Survivor AI weapon drop on death (doesn't refil weapon when dying)

Updated Survivor AI to become scared if they don't poses a weapon

Updated Lobby Game Settings to allow panic classic, and panic objective to support 16 players

Updated Extraction, to enable the horde after 35 seconds instead of 5 (boarding was basically pointless)

Updated Survivor AI to refuse other people from taking over, if we already have a follower (that isn't dead)

Updated zombie animations, now it will read the death animations (if they are in important state)

Updated filter_objective to allow for objectives that uses specific names

Updated where you can attach to any player on all modes, not just flatline

Updated particle files (environmental_fx.pxf & weapons_fx.pxf)

Updated escape gamemode to give the player a melee weapon on spawn (kabar, wrench, banjo or guitar)

Updated camp.bnk (Added AS_ElectrifiedFence)

Updated "Ambient Sound Editor" to create the "scripts/soundsystem" under "contagion" folder when trying to save, if the folders does not exist

Updated Turret AI sounds

Updated damage when shoving zombies on higher difficulties (Hard and higher)

Updated Flatline penalty and bonus for each difficulty

Updated Flatline Nightmare mode, where money resets back to default 100 on failure (if round saver was not bought)

Updated Turret AI to have the same firerate as MP5K and nerfed it's OP aim lock on zombies

Updated "Healing..." to use the same textures as the Contagion Beta

Updated "Healing..." to be hidden on Nightmare difficulty

Updated infected death animations

Fixed healing not working on teammates

Fixed some minor bugs on Flatline

Fixed crossbow reload animation not resetting the "empty_pose" paramater

Fixed crossbow arrows being terrible

Fixed compbow breaking apart if empty

Fixed "ThePresident.SetInfectedLives" Vscript code. Now it no longer softlocks the game for one stupid reason or another

Fixed Extraction GPS not sending the location to the extraction zone correctly

Fixed Extraction Survivor throwing gasmask and keycards

Fixed Survivors AI having a breakdown when using ladders

Fixed cockroaches spectating another cockroach on flatline

Fixed biotec monitors having broken UV

Fixed "props_train_station/outer_light01_bulbmetal.vmt" being faulty

Fixed where pistol ammo where given if Flatline was on Hard and Extreme

Fixed bullets not registering as damage on glassplanes

Fixed Turret AI having blood decals

Fixed Turret AI not stopping sounds when its being destroyed

Fixed crossbow and compbow dealing 1hit kill when using their melee

Fixed item_ammo_barricade not playing "use" activities

Fixed buddha being incorrect

Fixed VGUI breaking apart on the phone on Extraction

Fixed a crash on the mainmenu where the game would crash if it was trying to load custom UI

Fixed where the game would give the user wrong achievements on map completion

Fixed cont_toggle_hud not working as intended

Updated cf_stonecreek, fixed some visual bugs
Updated ce_biotec to support parallax cubemaps
Updated ce_barlowesquare_02 balance at the subway being impossible on Extreme
Updated cf_harvest to utilize fence trap
Updated cf_campwhitner and cf_montclair old fence trap to utilize trap_fence entity instead


7. Feb 2020, 17:16 Uhr
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