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Matrixxneo User
13. Feb 2020, 22:16 Uhr

[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]
Version 1.328 Light and Shadow
(Released February 11th, 2020)

Waves against rogue AIs (ie after you kill the overlord) don't get the Civil War Wave Strength Bonus
Thanks to yupyip for reporting
Only print AIP Change Messages once, instead of once per AI. It could get overwhelming in multi-AI games
Thanks to yupyip for reporting
AIP Floor is now set foreach AI Difficulty. Starts at 20% of total earned AIP for difficulty 1, then is 35% (the current floor value) for medium, and increases to 40%, 45% and 50% at difficulties 8, 9 and 10 respectively.
This makes the game easier at low difficulty levels and harder at levels >= 8
The game now supports loading asset bundles (art, music, ui stuff, sfx, etc) from expansion subfolders or mod subfolders. So in an expansion or mod you can now have your own copy of GlobalBundles (for anything OS-agnostic, mainly music and sfx), AssetBundles_Win, AssetBundles_OSX, and AssetBundles_Linux (please make sure you give bundles for all OSes if you're making a mod that includes art that requires a bundle -- supporting all platforms is awesome!
More Visual Updates
Updated visuals for the new lighting for the following:
IGC (advancedfactory in bundle)
ARS (cubemaps added), TechVault (now has its own golden variant), FCE (green variant)
GCA (advancedstarship in bundle, cubemaps added)
AITachyonSentinel (never looked great in textures, now cubemaps added and textures redone)
Alarm post redone (always had too crazy of lights, and was very dark now)
AttritionEmitter NOT updated, as we don't use it in game.
BlackHoleMachine (added rotation, slightly tweaked beyond that)
Coprocessor (quite a bit of changes)
Data center (updated a bit, and fortified version split out into new visuals)
DesignTemplate (updated even though it is not used: Assets/_FinalGameMeshes/AIBuildings/DesignTemplate/DesignTemplate.prefab would be good to use at some point, it's pretty)
DistributionNode (very slight tweaks)
InstigatorBase (very very slight tweaks, but ALSO added two new LODs for it. They need checking to make sure they kick in not too early)
TroopAccelerator (very slight tweaks, but also added one new LOD for it that needs checking to make sure distance is good for kicking in).
DysonAntagonizer (many texture changes)
Updated the Experimental_Fabricator (used for battlestations), redone into newer styles. Its LODs are heavy and need checking in-game.
Magnifier updated like the others.
Slight overlord updates, phase 1 and 2 visuals.
Updated ZPG (PlanetaryCloaker in the bundles) to look nicer.
Raid Engine tweaked slightly.
Super Terminal tweaked a bit.
Usurper has been updated to have cubemaps, be more visible, etc.
This is all of the "AI buildings" folder except for guard posts.
All of the frigates have been tweaked in some fashion:
WarHarvester slight tweaks (ArmorStarship in the code)
Added LODs for the PrototypeFlagship (assault frigate). Will likely need some in-xml tuning. Thanks to Puffin for noting these were missing!
WarbirdFrigate updates to be more visible.
CarrierStarship updated to look more organic and better (it's now the artillery golem)
Raid Starship was already great, it's like Hot Rod in a very drool-worthy sort of way.
SentryFrigate (scout starship in the bundle) has been completely redone in terms of its materials, other than emission.
ForcefieldFrigate had minor changes, including new normal maps.
Siege Frigate got very small updates.
Sniper Frigate had a bit more substantial updates.
Stealth Frigate had some updates to work with the new lighting, which mainly involved adjusting its albedo and majorly downplaying its occlusion mapping.
That's the whole "starships" folder.
Macrophage visual updates:
The harvesters have been updated to take advantage of the new lighting and look even more crystalline, as well as new organic normal maps. It's night-and-day comparing the old and new, in a good way.
For the first time, the harvesters also have LODs, which probably need updates in game xml to be ideal.
Spores also updated, now much more dynamic also. We also dropped their poly count substantially without adding LODs, and made them more organic-looking in the process.
Also updated the telium, and added LODs for these for the first time. They may also need some tuning in game xml.
The nanocaust have gotten a visual overhaul, as detailed in these two videos (be sure to read the descriptions of the videos for many details!)
Starting on the nanocaust visual updates, although not complete except for the below:
Aberration is the new style, as seen in the videos. But also it now uses both LOD0 and LOD1. Before it was only using LOD1 and looked terrible up close.
Abomination is also now the new style, and now uses both LODs as well. http://youtu.be/H732W8BPLSU
Balance Tweaks
The AI no longer puts almost the entirety of its budget into defending the Homeworld if you are near. Instead more of it is allocated into waves, to prevent a scenario where sitting next to the Homeworld essentially stopped you from losing.
Also helps prevent a situation of them being possibly flat out impossible to defeat, once the AIP got high enough and it reinforced en masse.
Shifted a little bit of the wave budget into CPA for most AIs (excluding ones like Special Forces Master for now).
Medic Gunboat damage 300 -> 525.
Engineers generally do their job, and can assist construction as well. A bit of a damage bump to hopefully increase their general usefulness.
Increased the initial count of Raptors and Velociraptors in the Starting Fleets from 30 to 40.
Curious oddity.
Large increase to the initial defenses of each Starting Battlestation.
Turrets in general match their maximum count in a "normal" Battlestation design, as well as Tractor Arrays (Eclectic has 50% more like before). Mines match their maximum count in the "Minelayer" design.
Intended as a notable boost to early player defensive power, to get away from the feeling of having to defend with just your mobile fleets all the time.
Eclectic Starting Battlestation design uses Area Minefields instead of normal, to combo with the Plasma Turrets being ideal against large single targets instead of being a bit overkill.
Ambush Turret count doubled everywhere, damage 875 -> 180, shots per salvo 1 -> 3, reload time 2s -> 1s, damage bonus 8x -> 12x.
Military Command Station Ambush Turret count doubled (after the above).
So it now has 12 to start with.
BETA 1.327 Hardened Forcefields
(Released February 11th, 2020)

When a ship is built, it starts with its weapon on cooldown.
This prevents a problem where if you had a lot of rebuild capacity for a fleet, you could technically scrap things with long gun cooldowns right after firing and rebuild them faster than the cooldown, increasing your fleet's DPS
Suggested by the puffin
Fix a bug where structures might not build even if you had energy for them
Thanks to a number of people for reporting, including Chthon and NRSirLimbo. And thanks to Starkelp for helping me notice what the symptoms looked like.
Fix a bug where the Devourer wasn't shooting the Zenith Trader
Thanks to Ovalcircle for reporting
Potentially make fireteams more willing to press home an attack until all the enemies are dead
AIs in Civil War Mode are now more willing to kill each other’s defensive structures like Raid Engines
Pointed out by Ovalcircle
Fix a bug where warping in guard posts had guns
Thanks to NRSirLimbo for reporting
Fixed a couple of bugs that could cause visual strangeness with shot movement, up to and including exceptions thrown. Not sure if we got all cases where this is possible, but it's a large chunk of them. Also improved code readability and performance very slightly in that area.
Thanks to Ovalcircle for reporting.
Fixed a bug where PerFrame_CalculateEffectiveFleetData was trying to do pathing using the main thread context and not whatever context was passed in. This was typically going to be called by the background-sim thread, and so if you had ships loading into transports during the simulation and you clicked to send ships across planets in the galaxy map or the planet view, then these could throw an exception since two threads were trying to share one pathfinder (bad juju).
Thanks to maluraq, donblas, and arsdor for reporting.
Put in several protections for cross-threading removal of entities from entity collections. Should prevent some rare bugs that could pop up mainly when exiting the game to the main menu.
Thanks to Ryulong for reporting.
Fixed a harmless issue where when you closed the game it would write a single header line to the NetworkTrafficLog.txt file.
Fix a bug where warden fleet bases could join the hunter fleet
Thanks to OvalCircle for reporting
The AI no longer hunkers against the player for difficulties >= 7. This isn't actually a very good strategy (it made more sense when the game was in alpha and there were different units and structures in the game)
From a discussion on discord
Completely re-plumbed how forcefields block shots to make the whole thing more efficient, and easier code to read. The essential functionality should remain the same (shooting something under a bubble shield, or the bubble shield itself, hits the bubble visually), but now it should always use the bonuses of the ship against the bubble-emitter and not whatever was underneath it that you were targeting.
This may fix some other shield-related bugs, but also hasn't been tested much yet.
Thanks to Puffin for discovering this.
Put in some paranoid checks for an exception that ArnaudB somehow got.
The game no longer complains when it tries and fails to delete savegame metadata, etc. Sometimes that just isn't there.
When you load a savegame from a folder, it now sets that folder to to be the campaign name so that further saves go in that folder and not whatever the original campaign name was.
When you're selecting savegames or quick starts on the load and quick start menus, the current selection is now shown in yellow versus having now visible indicator that something happened.
Visual Improvements
After much experimentation and general sadness, reverted the forcefields to be something close to what they were with the blue and the hexes and so forth prior to the new lighting versions. Even this was not enough: http://youtu.be/vsjXRoP8-Dk
The new forcefield look is a bit more subtle than the older blue one, because that was something that a lot of people found distracting. But it is the same basic thing it used to be, albeit a little less cartoony as well.
Finished the new look for the regular spire: http://youtu.be/EncJ18YPTnU
There are several kind of spire, including dark spire which are more armored-looking, but the basic "vanilla" version of the race has in the past always been white crystal themed.
I've been experimenting with various styles to try to accomplish something attractive that will work for the spire cities coming up, along with the large spire fleets. Overall I have taken four different approaches and built shaders based around those: one based on refraction (but no transparency), one based on translucency, and one based on two-layer micro dots (car type shaders are a common type of this), and then finally a truly bizzare shader based off the concept of fake parallax interiors (as seen in the recent PS4 spider-man game, for example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIPRFDreMRM) but taking that parallax concept and just... breaking light into funky nonsensical layers instead.
What I failed to appreciate from early on in is that not only is this a matter of how I design the shader, but the input textures and cubemaps also have a HUGE impact in making it either seem vibrant or bland. Most of what I developed was done last Thursday and Friday, and today I was feeling grumpy about how the results looked and thought I might need to do a completely new approach with a fresh shader.
Instead I wound up further tweaking and expanding all three shader lineages, and experimenting with different kinds of textures and cubemaps in different material variants.
Just when I was about to give up and maybe start looking into wetness or triplanar shaders as alternative routes, I wound up returning to the bizzare parallax shader monstrosity I'd cobbled together last Friday. It was something that gives incredibly strange results that I can't usually predict all that well specifically because I'm using it absolutely "wrong." The core of the shader was the demo parallax shader provided by Amplify Shader Editor, but then I had added spherical uv offsets, HDRI cubemap reflections, and some funky math as well as the ability to overdrive specularity, metallicity, and so forth well beyond what those are "supposed" to have.
I also wound up making an unlit and a lit version of the shader, and the unlit one was more productive; realistic PBR shadows and lighting interfered heavily with the style that I was going for, which was something that didn't have an actual definite surface to it. On Friday I had been able to recreate my lit version in an unlit shader variant, despite them having massively different light inputs to achieve a similar result; but the takeaway was that as the ship moved around it wasn't getting interference from the sunlight and shadow and getting too dark or overbright.
Today I made a lot of changes to the shaders, but not actually this unlit one. After a few hours chasing other things, I returned to this shader and wound up just changing around the textures and other material inputs heavily, and this is the result. It's something that looks distinctly two-layer, with an animated liquid-like flowing surface that seems to hover a bit above what appears to be a more solid core that is largely... what is that, some kind of moss or something? It's alien, whatever it is, but the fact that it looks vaguely moss-like should make Puffin happy and amuses me. I'll likely switch out the interior-most layer as needed for other spire ships to give them a different feel, and that will be a great driver of visual diversity.
What's funny is that even though only one of the four main shader R&D routes is ultimately used in the end, you can see the influence of all four kinds in this. The fake parallax logic part is obvious, since that's what this shader is based around in general. But the subsurface scattering approach (translucency) actually have contributed some subsurface depth maps that I wound up using for the deepest layer here, and which wind up giving some of the sense of depth and motion. The two-tone microdots are not here, but there is a two-layer effect as you can clearly see, and I wound up using some of the crystalline textures and masks I'd been working with for that in this final shader. The only shader style that wasn't used at all is the refractive one, but there is a heavy normal map distortion layer that is animated and which gives some of that same sense of refraction despite there being no such thing here.
In the end, all four routes wound up being kind of collapsed into one that is versatile and which can finally be used to build up the cities how I want. FINALLY! :)
Updated the dark spire for the new lighting: http://youtu.be/MaztswOBoDc
Badger pointed out that the green color was really coming out a ton in these in the new lighting system, which makes them feel more organic rather than more dark and menacing.
While I was a fan of how this lets us see more details on the dark spire, he is definitely right. I wound up just changing the albedo texture to something a bit more gray (but various shades of uniform gray), and this makes the final green colors become much more muted but not universally so.
The result is something of a compromise between the old and the new, and at the start of the video and near the end I pop it back to the old albedo texture and back so that the contrast is really obvious.
This was definitely a good improvement to make, thanks Badger!
New Ship Mechanics
Added fires_through_enemy_shields on systems, which lets specific ship weapons just ignore enemy forcefields for purposes of their attacks.
If such a weapon has knockback, it can actually be used to knock enemies out from under shields!
All the other things that normally get blocked by forcefields, like special debuffs, death effects, etc, all work with this on, too.
Added my_forcefield_does_not_shrink on entities, which basically creates a "hardened" forcefield that does not shrink in radius as its health goes down.
Added my_forcefield_has_no_penalty_for_enemies_firing_out_of_it on entities, which removes the damage penalty that ships normally get for firing out from under an allied forcefield. This is for great-shields.
Balance Tweaks
Forcefields no longer gain size as their Mark increases.
Could lead to awkward situations, such as a defensive Forcefield now covering Turrets and needing to be moved just because you upgraded it, or some getting hideously large, or being kind of "meh" at lower Marks but then monstrous at high, or getting so big they can't shoot any targets due to pushing, etc.
Every Forcefield should have a standardised radius now. This is in general a buff to what they used to start out at, but is still smaller than their old maximum. Hopefully this is a decent balance between proper protection, and not being comically large/annoying/pushing things all the time.
Mobile Forcefields, such as Forcefield Frigates, Guardians, and the Shieldwall Battlestation, but not the Forcefield Generators, no longer shrink as they take damage.
Makes them far easier to control, requiring less micro to keep their usefulness, and hopefully improves their overall performance due to no longer having units unprotected entirely.
The shrinking is kept on the structural types, however, as it's a somewhat unique/interesting thing, leading to things like sneaking through a protected wormhole by damaging the forcefield a little, but generally just annoying to micro on mobile units (while structural ones don't really benefit).
Most Forcefield units mentioned above have some range and speed changes, to improve their overall positioning in common Pursuit behaviour. The Classic Fleet for example, has the Frigate sit in the correct spot to protect both the V-Wings up close, and the Concussion Corvettes at the back. It also goes slightly faster, to help keep up with things.
BETA 1.324 Forcefield Beautification
(Released February 7th, 2020)

Fixed Adaptive AI achievements being granted regardless of intensity.
Thanks Rifi8 for reporting!
Fixed a missing ui window from the last checkin.
Visual Work
The shield visuals on Gyrn have been redone, as seen here: http://youtu.be/Ns9Kz_lHR6I
The overall forcefields have been completely redone, as seen here: http://youtu.be/nub6EkyF8Og
On these videos, if you want the full story, be sure to read the description notes on the videos. They explain a lot!
The spire have a new look, although it's not final by any stretch. It's something that will need to be adjusted for a lot of the specific models, but we're at a starting point with them at least.
We actually developed three new looks for the spire, and may use some variants of them for different things; we'll see how those work out. Even out of the three main looks, they are able to have variants in each of them, too.
Fixed up the various other missing shaders and materials from the prior version. For the warp gates, those now look slightly different, and in particular the dyson warp gate.
Balance Tweaks
Raid Frigate, Bounty Hunter and Apparition damage bonus duration 8s -> 12s.
Raid Frigate and Bounty Hunter resist 75% of ranged damage, up from 50%.
The Hive Wars Update
Many of these features will not be available on old saves. They will continue to use existing Macrophage logic.
Telium Taming
Teliums can now be hacked in order to tame them.
Expect an extremely heavy response in this hack that will cause discord throughout the galaxy for a period of time after its finished.
Tamed Teliums create friendly Harvesters and Spores.
Anytime a Telium is created, if at least one of the consumed Spores is Tamed, the resulting Telium will also be Tamed.
Taming as a whole is disabled if Macrophage are set to be allied to the player in the lobby.
Harvesters, both normal and Enraged, will now stop to chomp down on ships as they move between planets.
They will not do so forever, so running from them is a valid tactic.
Enraged Harvesters will no longer beeline for home planets, and will instead slowly migrate in the direction of a home planet.
They will also no longer always attack just humans, they will happily much on any entity that comes near them.
Wild Telium will now go Berserk when they are either outnumbered by Tamed Telium, or have less than 3 active Wild Telium.
While Berserk, the cost for them to build things is reduced by 75%.
BETA 1.323 Everybody Buff Now
(Released February 5th, 2020)

Communication Nodes stop existing when you start the game in civil war mode
Thanks to Strategic Sage for reporting. That's thot.
Some additional clarification to the CPA mechanic for the CPA tooltip
Some defensive code in the astro train notification hovertext
When you outnumber the AI sufficiently on a planet, the AI uses "hunker logic" to have its units hide near the strongest guard post on the planet, instead of always the command station. The goal of the AI here is to make you pay as high a price as possible for the planet; perhaps they'll distract you long enough for the Warden Fleet to arrive, or for the Hunter to take advantage of your fleet's placement to strike at a weak spot.
Drones no longer try to hunker, but will always just go fight
Thanks to a bug report from StarKelp
Improve the ion cannon description
Thanks to Ubifan for reporting
To reduce some of the RNG of AIP reduction, the player always gets 1 of the data centers reasonably close to their homeworld. Games with no nearby AIP reduction are much harder.
Games with an AI at difficulty >= 8 have the remaining data centers seeded further from their homeworld.
Game will now check for the last savegame on startup, and if it isn't present, will not display the "Continue Last Game" button.
It will also do a check when you click the button. If it isn't there, it will now just show a popup saying to verify the file.
This should only be an issue if you delete a save while the game is running, since the game will check on startup.
Thanks CyberKun for reporting!
Make some changes to fireteams to make different factions able to have different levels of aggressiveness. Make the Hunter more aggressive.
Fix a bug where the Warden Fleet could wind up with invalid targets (in this case, ones it would need to path through a player planet to get to), preventing it from actually doing anything.
Thanks to Ryulong for some very useful saves.
Graphical Improvements
All of the fonts used in the game have been re-imported using a few new settings to help with clarity when they are drawn extra large or small.
First of all, they are using vastly larger atlases now for their data (1024x1024 or 1024x512 as the case may be) instead of 512x512. This lets them have more precision.
They are also now all using SDFAA_Hinted rather than just SDFAA, which should help with some small corners being rounded when they should not be, etc.
We're also definitely importing the kerning pairs from all the fonts, in case any of them have any such information that is useful. Most fonts lack that.
And lastly we are now using a padding of 20 between characters instead of a padding of 5, which makes it so that when fonts are drawn very small they shouldn't accidentally get some extra bits in from neighboring letters anymore.
The brightness of the directional "sun light" has been increased from 1.21 to 1.78.
This helps the light and dark side of models be a bit more diffentiated, and makes things a little more clear to see. There's no performance impact from this.
We're now using a new HDRI environment reflection map that has a rich variety of colors, at intensity 0.348, which gives all of the ships a proper metallic sheen rather than a flat look like they had before.
This was a major oversight in some of our past work; we had been working with studio-style HDRI lights for a while, but a year or more ago turned that off because it was interfering with how our bloom worked at the time.
The overall visual effect when zoomed in on ships and looking at them is of something a lot more modern, and this is without any extra GPU or CPU power. About 8mb extra of RAM.
A three-tone gradient ambient light source is now used. Previously there was a very basic flat white light, and we're still using that for the top of the gradient, but we now shift into some blues and then reds below and to the side, which gives the whole scene a slight bit more sense of life especially when you're panning around or rotating the view.
Again this comes at practically no cost on the GPU, and zero on ram or the CPU.
Updated the Botnet Golem to have a new variant of our shader that also includes a new custom HDRI reflection cubemap, as shown here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKTMgEc2iXY
Artillery Golem has been updated to use the new cubemap shader as well.
Ditto the black widow golem and Armored Golem. And Hive.
Added a new Cubemap shader variant that allows for HSV shifting of the cubemap, and the regenerator golem uses that. Most real-life HDRI sources don't have crazy bright greens.
And then also added a new cubemap shader variant of THAT which also allows for radial uv distortion, and the result is this: http://youtu.be/vGl4O6zoTCE
And then used that same shader in a different way for the cursed golem: http://youtu.be/LkGTAPc5y8Y
And then further edited to this: http://youtu.be/_vkmpR833Po
And the zenith trader: http://youtu.be/e2f74kk6ulY
Added a new Combined Emissive HSV Refractive shader variant specifically for the devourer golem. But then promptly couldn't get that to work as well as I wanted, so made it look like this instead: http://youtu.be/6KWzouM_qVg
Ability To See And Alter LODs In-Game
Added a new option in game settings under the debug section, "Show LOD Info In Ship Tooltips."
When enabled, hovering over a ship will make its tooltip show you info about its number of LODs, its vertex count per LOD, at what distance it transfers between LODs, and what its current distance from the camera is.
This actually can be a pretty fun thing to look at if you're just curious about the innards of the game, to be honest. A number of ships are so low-poly that they only have an LOD0, or they're so large that multiple LODs couldn't be hidden effectively. Normal maps and shader tricks tend to make up the difference in complexity on the very low-poly ones. Others have LODs and you'd never have noticed it because the swapping between them is so smooth.
You can see a similar view of the LOD data outside of the game here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ko60opBhhKY
Added a new lod_distance_overrides field, which allows us to override the LOD distances for a specific ship.
This actually can be extra useful if we're using one ship model at a variety of scales (for instance for a guardian and a drone). We'll get far better performance for the drone if the LODs switch to higher numbers faster, and we'll get far better visuals if there is an oversized version of the guardian that switches more slowly.
This lets us balance all that out, particularly as we are changing ship visual sizes.
In the debug info for meshes, you can now see the original and new values if they are overridden.
You can set things like this to get a look at LOD2 even when zoomed in very close, for instance: lod_distance_overrides="20,21,22" Those would override the real numbers and let you see a far LOD right in front of your case.
Whatever the LAST LOD number is, however, is the "distance at which I stop rendering at all." For really large ships it's something absurd like 100k. For smaller ships it might be more like 16k when they effectively become invisible (and thus literally get removed from bothering to be drawn).
So for a ship with only a single LOD, or fewer LODs than specified in your overrides, setting low values would make the ship simply disappear, since that's the role of the "last LOD," whatever that is.
Added a new keybind in the utility section, "Reload Select Xml Data," default bound to F8.
Useful mainly for developers. Reads a few xml bits out of specific fields we might want to change frequently.
Right now this just re-reads lod_distance_overrides for all entities, but it can be expanded a bit in the future as needed. Whether this will work on sub-nodes and copy-from and partial nodes all properly will need testing if we ever have a reason to do that.
This has been confirmed and is fully working for its initial use case.
Balance Tweaks
Some buffs to the Dyson Sphere, one of which is it now has some drones solely for defending itself.
Difficulty 10 now has some tougher defenses.
Auto Bomb, Cluster Bomb and Nanoswarm damage radius 1,200 -> 600, targets hit per "shot" 12 -> 9.
Auto Bomb and Nanoswarm speed 2,900 -> 2,200.
Adjusted some of the Lone Wolf seed weights and max limits, so you shouldn't see just Hive Golems all the time.
Eyebots decloak in 1 shot instead of 2.
Counter Attacks
Counter Attacks now require at least half their strength in present player forces to stall, instead of a fifth.
Lowered the initial thresholds for some difficulties, mostly higher.
Dire Guardians
They now use the same armour, albedo and speed as their normal version (if applicable).
They now follow the 2/1 hull/shield ratio often found elsewhere.
Those with a damage bonus of 20x now use a 6x bonus.
Upgraded the durability of the drones they use, and made the Tethuida drone a bit better at hitting stuff.
Added Dire Vampire, Tritium Sniper, Gravity, Stealth, Temperamental, Fragmenting, and MLRS variants.
Temperamental and Fragmenting should only be usable on defense.
Unlocked a bit earlier on Difficulty 10 for the Hunter Fleet.
Dire Tesla Guardian reload time 12s -> 9s, speed 500 -> 400, targets hit per shot 80 -> 100, no longer has the Fortified defensive bonus.
Dire Concussion Guardian shots per salvo 12 -> 36.
Dire Plasma Guardian targets hit per shot 10 -> 30.
Dire Forcefield Guardian damage 10,000 -> 40,000.
Dire Heavy Beam Guardian damage 15,000 -> 7,500, reload time 4s -> 2s.
Dire Widow Guardian shots per salvo 20 -> 60, tractor beam count 200 -> 550.
Dire Tethuida Guardian 10,000 -> 5,000, shots per salvo 1 -> 20, range 6,000 -> 8,000.
Dire Pike Guardian shots per salvo 20 -> 30.
Dire Nucleophilic Guardian damage 8,000 -> 80,000, shots per salvo 3 -> 1.
Dire Grenade Launcher Guardian shots per salvo 1 -> 3.
They now have the same damage as a MK5 player one, with 66% of the health.
This is a large damage bump to them, as they were left behind with the last player Golem/Ark buffs due to lack of data, but now seems a good time for this.
The AI has received an interesting box and a suit.
It also received a strangely shaped green rock.
These are unlocked a bit earlier on Difficulty 10 for the Warden Fleet.
Armored Golem health 4,000,000 -> 3,000,000, damage 5,000 -> 4,000, AIP cost 15 -> 20.
Thanks to Ryulong for taking this thing too far.
Increased metal to claim and repair Golems by 150%, energy cost from 30,000 -> 50,000.
Also thanks to Ryulong for taking some of these too far.
This might be a little strange, but with the shields being free, and hull being 50% off to repair, the current cost to repair a Golem was only 700k metal - you could go very close to that just building up your initial Fleet. That, and the energy, are both intended to add extra costs onto using these things, particularly due to some advantages they hold (such as never contributing to a counter attack unless it's crippled).
Replaced all the old AI Ship Groups with newer, hopefully more interesting ones.
Nucleophilic Guardian damage 1,500 -> 3,600, total durability 60,000 -> 80,000.
Tritium Sniper Guardian total durability 37,500 -> 40,000.
Concussion Guardian shots per salvo 5 -> 10.
Spider Guardian damage 250 -> 150, shots per salvo 12 -> 30, total durability 40,000 -> 80,000, speed 400 -> 1,400, range 10,100 -> 6,000.
Paralysis Guardian shots per salvo 12 -> 20, reload time 6s -> 4s, total durability 40,000 -> 80,000, speed 400 -> 1,400, range 10,100 -> 6,000.
Tractor Guardian damage 1,000 -> 2,000, shots per salvo 1 -> 5, reload time 4s -> 8s, total durability 60,000 -> 80,000, tractor system gains slightly more targets per Mark.
Fortified Tesla Guardian targets hit per shot 20 -> 40, total durability 45,000 -> 80,000.
Grenade Launcher Guardian shots per salvo 1 -> 3, explosion size 600 -> 350, total durability 52,500 -> 80,000.
Plasma Guardian damage 5,000 -> 15,000, range 10,100 -> 12,000, total durability 30,000 -> 60,000.
Forcefield Guardian shield radius increased around 35%, shield durability 75,000 -> 160,000.
Pike Guardian shots per salvo 5 -> 10, total durability 42,000 -> 80,000.
Gravity Guardian damage 300 -> 200, shots per salvo 10 -> 30, range 5,000 -> 4,000, reload time 4s -> 6s, Mark 1 slow effect 0.8x -> 0.6x, slow gained per mark 0.1x -> 0.05x, slow range 5,000 -> 6,000.
Heavy Beam Guardian damage 1,300 -> 1,350, targets hit per shot 10 -> 9, reload time 6s -> 4s.
Vampire Guardian albedo 0.3 -> 0.7, damage 1,000 -> 1,250, reload time 2s -> 1s, total durability 52,500 -> 80,000.
Carrier Guardian range 6,000 -> 12,000, total durability 24,000 -> 40,000.
Added the normal Tethuida Guardian and MLRS Guardian.
Raid Frigates (And Variants)
All decloak in 1 shot rather than 10.
Way too abusable.
Health of all increased 50%.
Damage of all increased 66%.
Raid Frigates and Bounty Hunters have the same ranged damage resistance as the Apparition, but only to 50%. Apparition resistance matches the Space Planes.
All now have a form of the Pulsar Tank bonus.
The Territorial Update
Stats when spawned in have been greatly nerfed.
Now capable of marking up as they deliver metal.
Base chance of 50%, reduced by 9% per mark increase.
Harvesters will only move to planets X/2 hops from their Telium, where X is equal to the number of harvesters their Telium own.
Enraged are not considered owned by any Telium, and do not factor into or follow this rule.
Harvesters harvest metal generators they visit, gaining 2500 Metal per mine.
Lower Mark Harvesters will attempt to only visit low mark planets.
Harvesters will, unless given no other choice, avoid player planets until Mark 2, and the player homeworld until Mark 3.
Enraged do not follow the above rule, and will attack as they wish.
No longer lose all metal whenever an event fires, and instead simply subtract the event's cost.
Now fully restore a Harvester's shields whenever they complete a full delivery.
Can now have up to 4 active Harvesters before they get enraged.
Will have a higher chance to spawn Spores as their Harvester count increases.
Base spore chance of 50%, increased by 10% for each additional Harvester beyond the first.
New Constants have been added in for a multitude of the above changes.
In addition, the HarvestersToEnrage Constant has been fixed to properly work again.
Players are now able to create a Quickstart from in game. Simply open the development menu, then click Create Preset, and fill in the boxes.
This will also save your game with the same name as the Preset (What you type in the top box)
The box for the description can be left blank without issues. The name, for obvious reasons, cannot be
Added EditSetup and StartGame buttons to the Quickstart menu. It now requires you to select the game you want to play, type the campaign name in, then click on "Start" in the bottom right corner
To view the EditSetup button, enable the corresponding setting under the debug category. This is due to the high probability of bugs with the initial rollout, and can be changed once most bugs are taken care of.
If you do edit the setup, you will also get a popup window reminding you that this is a development feature, and may cause bugs during use.
Added the EditSetup and StartGame buttons to the Load Game menu. Same rules apply there.
If you double click a save, it will still load it, similar to how it was before this release
This should help reduce the confusion players have
Created new textbox window with a single line on top and a large free text box on bottom.
Version 1.321 Enjoy Your Break, Voice Lady
(Released January 31st, 2020)

Actually fix the bug where dyson antagonizers weren't spawning
Thanks to a number of people for reporting, especially Binary Blitz for finding a save game that let me fix it
Add some defensive code to CalculateRemainingShipLineSlotCount to prevent a null reference in the swap ship lines between fleets code
Thanks to Astillious for reporting
If a player forcefield is bumped out of the way by an astro train (or anything else), it will now go back to where it was after the astro train is gone.
This was particularly annoying for forcefields protecting wormholes.
Thanks to a number of people for reporting, but I don't remember any of their names
Adds Damage Amplification, which can be defined in XML
damage_amplification tag is true/false
damage_amplification_duration is an integer, and determines how long damage is amplified for in seconds
damage_amplification_flat is the amount of damage added. It is also an integer, and is a flat increase (if your attack would do 500 damage, and this is marked as 500, your total damage will be 1000)
Damage is amplified from ALL sources. This includes other ships than the one that caused the effect
Adds damage_amplification_mult XML tag
Functions same as DamageAmplificationFlat tag, except it multiplies damage by the number instead of adding them together
May be set to below 1 to reduce all incoming damage as well, if desired
Added ability to define amount of damage added per ship of that type on the planet in XML
Also features an optional max for the damage increase
Has an EntityRollupType for all entities with that feature
Fixed a rare bug that could still happen in DetachVisObjectFromSim.
Thanks to Ryulong for reporting.
Fixed a bug where RelatedString2 and RelatedString3 were not being properly cleared on GameCommands. This was leading to various log messages that should have been silent instead giving outdated voice commands based on whatever was last played. This would get incredibly repetitive and was baffling.
Huge thanks to StarKelp for figuring out what this was.


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