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Matrixxneo User
14. Feb 2020, 09:41 Uhr

[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]
Update v28720:
New Additions
Siege turrets now do 5x damage to shields specifically, and can be buffed by raider's stones, for up to 25x damage to shields
Structures now visually report damage for added siege clarity

Gameplay Tweaks
Minor adjustments to boss caves to prevent unintended behaviors
Reduced raider stone activation time from 6 hours to 4 hours due to popular demand
Reduced "hasty hare" sprint multiplier due to popular demand, should also spawn more reliably
Slightly increased no-build volume outside Crystal Caves to curb griefing "hasty hare" spawn
Tuned healing spells to compensate for removal of PvP multiplier (they should be more effective overall)
Minor tweaks to some item rarities
Grounded the flying large dragon in Dragon Heart Citadel due to a bug with its aerial flight path

Aesthetic Changes
Better particle cull settings to improve performance in some persistent world objects
Better particle cull settings on creatures to improve performance
Fixed a bug with dye-able regions on boss gear
Tightened mana generator collision profile
Optimized imp smoke spell
Cave entrance FX for amethyst geodes to lessen light leaking through at distance
Adjustments made to horse scale to prevent dismounting issues
Tightened imp death offset to reduce floating amount
Fixed a cave trigger volume that provided strange skylight effects
Improved reliability of imp invisibility spell
Increased raider's stone and shield draw distances

Technical Fixes
Fixed issue with player collision size
Disabled stealth spell in boss caves
Fixed sanctuary spell
Fixed an inadvertant issue where PvP multiplier was being applied to healing spells
Healing pools and shields now function correctly, especially on highly-populated servers
Fixed attack-based structure cooldown to eliminate false-positives
Fixed issue with non-English knowledge menus cutting off content
Fixed issues with 5:4 scaling in menu UI
Fixed bug that modified player flight speed after dyeing flight trinket
Improved NPC reporting when killed
Improved accuracy of NPC/turret/misc perceptions
Fixed greyscale dye display issues
Fixed "speak to" quest issues
Structure ownership is better resolved
Fixed siege turret projectiles not detonating


14. Feb 2020, 09:10 Uhr
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