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Matrixxneo User
18. Feb 2020, 19:37 Uhr

[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]
Update v1.3.6273:
Added Panania Interior
Added car restoration, when you want to fix cars in very bad state. The first body work will cost more, but you can build a new car, worth much more then before.
Physic improvements, much better control over your car and engines
Fixed suspension
Fixed rev-limiter, better and easier and more realistic driving, burnouts and drifts
Slightly tweaked several turbos and superchargers for more realistic effects
Added auto-idle to keep each engine rpm in idle. Due to the more realistic physics and more detailed engine internal simulation, idle could drop or rise a lot with superchargers or turbos or other performance upgrades. Auto idle will keep it around the right level.
Performance and stability fixes
Localization updates
Many small fixes

Update v1.3.6185:
Added 10 turbos, 1 small and 1 big for Walea, Wanja, Camira, Kanji and Panania brands
Added L4 and L6 manifolds with turbo extensions
Added 5 Boost Gauges for each car's with turbos
Some NPC now has turbo as well.
Improved Superchargers with different rpm range and motor load. The big one can halt a small engine at low rpm, but can boost up to 6K rpm, while the small is good for smaller engines or lower rpm (around the starting range of a turbo).
tweaked wear out of several components, high tuned engines will worn out quicker
Updated Localization
Bugfix: H-Shifter Neutral position was not working properly with several Steering wheel
Few small fixes

Update v1.3.6099:
A new car variant: Narnoo UTE version
Added detailed interior for Narnoo and Narnoo UTE
Added ca. 20 new missions with car delivery
Added 3 new NPC (Isla, Ethan, Lucas) driving Narnoo UTE
Improved, faster AI drivers
L6 engine now installable to more cars (some smaller car can not accomodate such a long engine)
More exhaust item visible in the newspaper
Tire temperature set back to normal in the Garage and Parking Houses
Tweaked time trial times on Mount Yanagin
First few races can be unlocked by 2nd place by Coffee Run instead of 1st (for easier start with stronger AI)
Slick tire get a bit more grip at low temp
Soften some differentials for better traction in curves
Fixed mission info page for long descriptions
Fixed upshift protection (some 4wd cars stuck in 1st gear)
Fixed headlight bug when removing the battery
A lot of smaller bug fixes, tweaks


18. Feb 2020, 18:22 Uhr
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