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Andel Pane 2

(Andel Páne 2)
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Petronel, an angel, is still working at the Heaven's gates but is confident that he deserves a better function. His everlasting tempter Uriah, a devil, takes up tempting him. All one has to do to know all that God knows is pick an apple from the tree of knowledge. And then, the route to the well-deserved acknowledgment is free. Petronel and Uriah than proceed to argue about the apple, ant the results are catastrophic. The precious fruit falls all the way down to the Earth. The confused angel and his friend, the devil-tempter, have to quickly enter the human world, find the apple of Knowledge and bring it back. The night before Saint Nicolase's day they get tangled up in a peculiar whirl. They meet little Anezka and her beautiful mother, a crew of deceitful carolers, the greedy Kostál and a likable Sausage-seller. Before they manage to find the apple and bring it back where it belongs, they first have to endure a great adventure and get through quite a few dangerous setups.

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Komödie, Familie, Fantasy
1 Std., 39 Min.
Czech Republic 2016

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